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Child Self-Esteem

Counseling Children, Coaching Families...
Love is the Only Answer

Child Self Esteem is a non-profit organization that provides monthly, co-education Life Skills classes-teaching Self-Esteem, Manners Etiquette, and a separate Anger Management support groups. These classes assist children and family members in learning techniques to improve their communication skills, develop leadership skills and interpersonal relationship. As a result, many families develop enhanced positive communication and relationships. Their increased self-worth, provides them the self-discipline necessary to avoid peer pressure and the desire to "fit in" or belong to a group due to rejection or social isolation. The children learn how to prevent the use of alcohol and other drugs. We specialize in assisting children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

When people feel better about themselves and receive positive feedback unrelated to what they do, they develop feelings of security, importance and self worth which raise their self-esteem. After learning how to change their behavior, their self-value and attitude changes automatically from negative to positive. When children feel wanted and needed, it shows up as high self-esteem. This gives them a better opportunity to cope with negative feedback, conflict, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and frustration. They become less likely to seek negative attention, engage in self-destructive behaviors and/or use mind-altering substances to feel good about themselves. Then they feel they can make a difference in life. Persons with high self-esteem, a positive attitude, and character are the future leader of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase self-esteem of children and adults to promote a greater level of empowerment. We offer information and a caring response to the emotional needs of persons and families in distress by promoting a higher level of self-worth, self-discipline, improved behavior awareness of self in relation to others, positive attitude and the empowerment of a "Yes I Can" attitude to situations, people and events.

Our Place is a center created for the overall mission of empowering people through its courses and workshops that addresses negative, inappropriate behavior, violence, and acts of aggression. The goal is to increase the awareness of self-value, self-worth, positive relationships and a cooperative attitude; consequently elevating self-respect, respect for others and an enhanced self-esteem. We create an atmosphere in which all persons are free to affirm and celebrate their differences.

Contact Information

Dr. Ida Greene, Ph.D.

(619) 262-9951
Fax (619) 262-0505
Postal address
2910 Baily Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105
General Information:


1. Respect - for self and others. Reverence for all life or life forms (animals, birds, insects). Ability to hold in high regard the wisdom of elders' advanced knowledge, achievements, and accomplishments, and to let them serve as a guideline for self. Wisdom, the ability to profit from the life experiences, and mistakes of others.

2. Loving - Congenial, cooperative, compliant, teachable. To be in control of one's mood and temper, cordial, agreeable, polite, kind.

3. Dependable - Reliable, to show up on time. Do what you say.

4. Honest - To not steal or take what is not yours. To hold sacred what belongs to others as their property.

5. Commitment - keep your word or follow through on what you say. Ability to commit, and honor your obligation.

6. Truth - Tell the truth despite consequences to self. To self reveal one’s faults or flaws in spite of embarrassment.

7. Self-Appreciation - Self-acceptance, know and except one's strengths/weakness, use of boundaries to support one value, self acknowledgment, be one's own best friend, to like oneself. Ability to receive and give compliments.

8. Integrity - Have a sense of right and wrong, respects the rights and property of others, does what is right for self and others. Think as highly of others as oneself.

9. Self-Worth - Positive self-regard with a set of values and belief to guide one’s actions and behavior. To see yourself and others a child of God; does not seek to be like others, or compare self with others? feel valuable or worthwhile, ability to turn one's weaknesses into strengths.

10. Responsible - Self-Reliance, industrious, Look for ways to improve oneself and one's life; ability to take care of and provide for one's livelihood.

11. Trustworthy -Trusted to be accountable, complete what you start, able to follow directions, your actions match your  words.

12. Consistent - Their behavior and attitude is the same all the time. Few surprises in their behavior

13. Self-Confidence - Courage, ability to take risks and be uncomfortable, ability to cope with adversity, disappointment, failure, and discouragement, without giving up on oneself.

14. Positive Attitude - have a "yes, I can" attitude. They believe in the goodness of all people without cynicism or arrogance. Ability to cope with rejection, failure and disappointment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help children build positive self-esteem by working through the negative emotions of resentment, dissatisfaction, envy, rage, power/control issues and anger. When the children master these processes, they are able to formulate a positive self-identify that helps them succeed academically, socially, spiritually and morally.

Key Benefits

Groups are held Tuesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Courses are available to youth ages 6-18.
The 14-week group sessions are held throughout the year.
Group size is limited to a first-come-first-served basis.
A small donation of $15 per group is require to sign up.

What We Teach

Manners and respect for self and others.
Control over one's tongue and attitude.
How to be polite, think before speaking, avoid rude behavior, avoid being disrespectful of others, and how to curb a "sharp" tongue.
How to accept constructive criticism, be less defensive, listen without over reacting, and how to "cooperate."
How to be a pleasant person, take the focus off oneself without belittling oneself and how to avoid arguments.

When children have mastered What We Teach, they will be able to formulate a positive self identity that helps them succeed academically, socially, spiritually and morally.

Area of Focus That Benefits Children

By teaching self-esteem and anger management classes to children, we change unhealthy attitudes and lifestyles. This prevents the incidence of violence and abuse. In our educational program, we teach a 14-week Self-Esteem Course that concludes with a Rites of Passage ceremony and an Anger Management class. Courses are available to youth ages 6-18. The majority of our children are in foster or group homes.By providing instruction on life management skills to break self-destructive and dysfunctional behavioral patterns, children are better able to cope with daily stresses of life.


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